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The Terra Aquatica TriPart Starter Kit consists out of 3 x 500ml bottles of the Terra Aquatica (T.A.) TriPart mineral nutrient range, formerly know as the GHE Flora Series.

The Terra Aquatica TriPart Starter Kit also includes a 25 gram sachet of T.A. pH- Powder.

There is a choice between a “Soft Water Kit” or a “Hard Water Kit”, with the difference being the type of TriPart Micro that is included in the kit.

Use the TriPart Hard Micro for water with more than 70 mg/L Calcium, or water with higher concentrations of trace minerals. Hard water is mostly found in Gauteng, or when using borehole water.

Use the TriPart Soft Micro for water with less than 70 mg/L Calcium, or if using reverse osmosis (R.O.) water. Water along the country’s coastal regions and rainwater is mostly soft water.

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