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Terra Aquatica Pro Organic Starter Kit is the first and only complete certified organic nutrient for all substrates. Pro Organic formulas are specifically designed to meet the needs of all plants throughout growth, flowering and fruiting. Terra Aquatica Pro Organic is based on formulations on ecological principles that maintain respect for the environment whilst providing plants with balanced, effective nutrition.

Pro Organic actively improves the root environment by feeding microbes that live in harmony with your plant. This provides the essential nutrition and environment to deliver healthy vegetative growth, flowering and fruiting.

Pro Organic is perfectly soluble and well adapted to automatic and drip irrigation systems, or hand watering in conventional gardening. It is also the only nutrient certified for Bioponics (bare root recirculating organic hydroponics). See Bioponics feed chart.


Pro Organic is very concentrated: a maximum of 2 ml/L in water is enough in soil or hydroponics. Shake bottles well before each use, add each part to water separately, mix thoroughly, and always rinse measuring equipment.

(GROW) N – P – K ratio = 4 – 0 – 5

(BLOOM) N – P – K ratio = 3 – 1 – 4

PLEASE NOTE: Pro Organic (and all organic feed) must be broken down by microbes to be made accessible to plants. Use in conjunction with organic soil mixes, like Freedom Farms Premium Growing Medium, and/or beneficial microbe additives, like Biodyne Environoc 401 Microbes.

In Bioponics: For a colony big enough to do this to develop, especially early on in a plant’s life, a biofiltering system working 24/24h must be added to the tank in both drain to waste and recirculating systems.

Biofiltering systems be purchased in your local shop, or made by suspending a plastic basket (3 to 5L) filled with 60% clay pebbles and 40% coco over your tank and running water through it continuously. (Do not immerse filter systems in the tank as high oxygen levels are vital for rapid growth of beneficial microorganisms.)

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