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GroChar – 10kg80%+ Pure biochar enriched with BiocultTM mycorrhizae, beneficial microbes and minerals to enhance your soil’s food-web. This organic soil amendment is scientifically proven to improve yield, plant vitality and soil health. Grochar improves the soil’s water-holding capacity and reduces chemical leaching, thereby alleviating eutrophication of the waterways and minimizing the ocean’s dead-zones. ​ Grochar is a 100% organic soil amendment without any added chemicals or chicken manure. It acts a a soil conditioner that supports both the microbial activity in the top soil has an average NPK of 35g/kg N: 10g/kg P: 25g/kg K, Suitable to be used on and in pot-plants, lawns, gardens, sport greens and vegetable patches as well as in conventional agricultural crop rotations.


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