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Freedom Farms Coco-Perlite Growing Medium is a very versatile soilless growing substrate for indoor and outdoor use. Coco coir has great water retention and the added Perlite makes the substrate lighter and more airy, for healthier and more abundant root systems.

Freedom Farms provide excellent craft soils and growing mediums and their coco-perlite mixes are ready to use straight form the bag – with the coir being washed, buffered and rinsed during production, creating a clean substrate with low a E.C. value and an ideal pH.

The 50-50 mix is preferred for cooler indoor environments, and will be ready to water more frequently than the 90-10 mix.

The 90-10 mix, ( 90% coir, 10% Perlite ) can be used for hotter indoor and outdoor environments, and will retain moisture longer than the 50-50 mix.

Both mixes can also be used as base substrates when formulating your own amended soil/substrate mixes.

Freedom Farms CocoPerlite

50\50, 90\10


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