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The Elemental blend includes the following ingredients
Alfalfa meal – A slow releasing natural fertilizer that contains a natural growth hormone- Triacontanol, which stimulates development.
Biochar – Increases the number of beneficial soil microbes especially mycorrhizae. Water retention and cation-exchange is improved.
Crushed barley – An abundant source of enzymes and a great sugar source for microbes. High in amino acids, various nutrients and silicon.
Zeolite – Increases cation-exchange capacity, infiltration and retention of water.
Cannakashi – Similar to bokashi but with added fish meal. Used to inoculate with EM (Effective microbes).
Basalt Rock Dust – contains 72 minerals and trace elements. It stimulates soil micro-organism activity and contributes to building humus.
Soft Rock Phosphate – Slow release fertilizer (P)
Diatamaceous Earth – A naturally occurring silica sediment and used for its natural insect repelling properties.
Seabird guano – Natural slow releasing fertilizer, with nutrients and trace elements
Gypsum – Natural raw source of sulfur and calcium.
Dolomitic lime – Natural soil buffer and raw source of magnesium and calcium.
Calcitic lime – Natural raw calcium source.
Fulvic Acid – highly beneficial for the soil and the plant
Humic acid – a great soil conditioner.


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