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Actively aerated compost tea is – in simple terms – a brew of probiotics for your cannabis plants. The 100 % natural teabag satchels are scientifically formulated with all the necessary ingredients to produce compost tea that is teeming with beneficial bacteria, fungi and nutrients. The bacteria and fungi provide important nutrients that are easy to absorb, and aid in protecting your plants from diseases and harmful pathogens.

How does it work?

The compost tea brewing process consists of adding the compost teabag (containing specific natural nutrients that feed beneficial microbes) to water and aerating it to introduce high levels of oxygen. The beneficial aerobic bacteria and fungi multiply exponentially under these favourable conditions.

Benefits of Using Compost Tea in your soil:

Increases Beneficial Aerobic Microbes (bacteria and fungi) in your soil.
The Beneficial Microbes provide important plant nutrients in an easy to absorb form.
Plant nutrients are supplied directly to the root zone.
Reduces the need for large amount of synthetic fertilizer.
Helps protect your plants against disease and harmful pathogens.
Reduces water loss by improving the water holding capacity of your soil.
Environmentally friendly and sustainable.


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